City Studio




October 2009




SAGO d.o.o.


open anonymous competition, shortlisted WAF 2011


Damjan Pirc, Irena Ostojić


Revitalisation / renaturalisation of a quarry in Podutik in Ljubljana. 

New residential area is a link between the urbanized and natural space.

Concept: The form of housing and open space is following the natural, initial contour of the hill. This enables optimum living conditions in the housing (the views, privacy and microclimate), regulation of large green open space and direct connection to the surrounding natural area. Basic housing units - homes are grouped into neighborhoods creating mini communities. They expand living area for the residents, create space for social interactions and enable diverse design for the different parts of the neighborhood.

Housing design: Neighborhood consists of 20 shipping containers, arranged in two floors. Outdoor areas form the South (sunny, open) and North garden (shaded, partially overhung). GFA of a neighborhood is 450 m2. It can be organized into 3 - 10 residential units. According to the design flexibility, from 168 to 560 residential units can be arranged. Open space is formed in graduation of private to semiprivate and public.

Construction: Supporting construction is formed in orthogonal spatial framework of shipping containers, based on a raster of a parking garage. Spatial framework is strengthened with steel diagonal ties in the horizontal and vertical planes. The complex consists of 3440 used ship containers.

Renewable energy concept: Rainwater is captured for the sanitary needs, natural draft effect is emphasized with “solar chimneys” that generate energy with wind turbines, solar panels on the rooftops heat the water and provide electricity. Geometry of the space enables constant thermal wind lift and natural ventilation.